National Motor Museum – Items for disposal

The National Motor Museum Trust, Beaulieu would have two items that they would like to offer for sale:

1928 Bayliss Thomas

Bayliss, Thomas & Co manufactured motorcycles under the Excelsior brand from 1896. Cars were built between 1922 and 1929 using the Bayliss-Thomas name to avoid confusion with the Belgian Excelsior car. This car was bought new by Walter Haward in 1928 and used regularly in trials events until 1956. It was modified extensively over the years and incorporates a 4-speed gearbox, shortened chassis, smaller wheels and lightweight aluminium bodywork on an ash frame.

E 01157 Bayliss Thomas 1928

1934 Hutchings Winchester Caravan in restorable condition.

The Winchester caravan was launched at the 1930 Motor Show by Bertram Hutchings Caravans Ltd of Winchester. The model popularised the streamlined caravan style which became favoured in the 1930s, succeeding the box-like cottage designs of the previous decade. Bertram Hutchings began building horse-drawn caravans in 1912 and by 1920 turned to manufacturing trailer caravans which were in growing demand from motorists. Winchester caravans were made to such a high standard that the company earned the title ‘The Rolls Royce of Caravans’.

If you would like more information about either object or would like to make an offer please contact Rebecca Town, Vehicle Documentation Assistant on 01590 614653 or

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