Making your digital collections easier to discover

News of two training workshops being run by Jisc on the 3rd and 16th May.

Learn how to increase the reach of your digital collections, optimise them for discovery and evaluate the usage and impact of the assets they contain.

The workshops will equip you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Increase visibility of your digital collections for use in learning, teaching and research
  • Encourage collaboration between curators and users of digital collections
  • Strategically promote your digital collections in appropriate contexts, for a range of audiences
  • Optimise your collection for discovery via Google and other search tools
  • Use web analytics to track and monitor access and usage of your digital collections
  • Evaluate impact and realise the benefits of investment in your digital collections

If your organisation has digital collections, or plans to develop them, our programme will help you maximise the reach of those collections on the web, demonstrate the impact of their usage and help you build for future sustainability.

The courses are aimed at anyone working in education and research, who manages, supports and/or promotes digital collections for teaching, learning and research. Those working in similar roles in libraries, archives and museums would also benefit.

The programme is focused on local digital collections that belong directly to the institution including digital archives and institutional repositories, rather than bought in resources such as commercial e-journal or e-book collections.

More details are available from:


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