What Does Access Mean To You? Take Part In Disabled Access Day 2017

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In an ideal world, Disabled Access Day would technically be every day; society would be step-free and barrier-free for everyone, all the time. But we are not there yet and until a day of total inclusion arrives, Disabled Access Day showcases what can really be done when we strive for that reality.

Museums have always proactively led by example and the team at Disabled Access Day would like independent museums and heritage sites to become involved this year. Disabled Access Day 2017 will take place 10 – 12 March and there are many ways to join in.


Tennis at Leeds Museum for Disabled Access Day

The idea for Disabled Access Day came from Paul Ralph, a powerchair user who lives in Edinburgh and it was the outcome of his going along to a ‘try it out’ day at his local bus company. He had the chance to explore a stationary bus –…

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