Museums Need To Act To Ensure The Exhibition Tax Relief Benefits Everyone

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The government is proposing a major new way of investing in museums and galleries, through an exhibition tax relief. But the current proposals will exclude hundreds of museums across the UK by limiting the tax relief to temporary and touring exhibitions. We are urging AIM members to respond to the government’s consultation to ensure that the tax relief is fair and that every member of the public, whether their local museum has temporary exhibitions or not, has the potential to benefit.

The government’s recent support for museums is extremely welcome: a number of individual museums have benefited from grants from libor fines and most recently, in 2016 Budget, it was announced that the 20% tax relief already available to the film industry, orchestras, theatres and others, would be extended to museums and galleries for exhibitions.

This is very positive, but there is a sting in the tail. The proposal is…

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To Charge Or Not To Charge? AIM Launches Admissions Charging Research

AIM Blog for independent museums and heritage sites

AIM has just published new research to help museums understand the impact of charging for admission, or not, on all aspects of operating a successful museum. The revealing results dispel some myths that persist around this issue and will enable museums to make evidence-based decisions in this sometimes contentious area – but one that is vital to museums’ future sustainability. The research report is accompanied by a practical guide that museums can use to help them make decisions about whether an admission charge is right for their museum and if so, what price they should set.

AIM commissioned the study, ‘Taking Charge: evaluating the evidence’, and its accompanying guide for people running museums ‘Successfully Setting Admissions Policy and Pricing’ from DC Research, in partnership with Arts Council England and the Welsh Government.  It was launched this morning in Cardiff. The aim of the research was to understand the experience…

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