Cause for Celebration: Two AIM Members Launch Biffa Award Funded Projects

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It was a double celebration yesterday, as two AIM members – Cromford Mills in Derbyshire and Underfall Boatyard in Bristol – both launched AIM Biffa Award funded projects. This funding started back in 2011 when AIM entered into a 3 year funding partnership with Biffa Award via their National Heritage Landmarks Partnership Scheme and has provided £1.5m investment for independent museums and industrial heritage sites across the UK. The investment has helped to transform derelict buildings and sites into inspirational resources, enabling the public to better understand the powerful tide of change brought about by our collective industrial past through the creation of a network of strategic projects that tell the stories of people, processes, industrial development and change.

At Cromford Mills in Derbyshire, the AIM Biffa Award, along with other major funding, has helped to provide public access to and the interpretation of Sir Richard Arkwright’s First Mill; this…

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