Museum sector makes joint statement opposing unethical sale of collections

AIM Blog for independent museums and heritage sites

AIM joined a UK-wide group of museums funding, membership and development bodies released a joint statement today saying that they will not seek to work with museums whose governing bodies choose to sell objects from their collections in a manner that contravenes the long-established Accreditation Standard and Museum Association Code of Ethics.

The statement is the first of its kind from such a broad group of cultural organisations and reflects the concern felt about the unethical targeting of cultural collections for sale The ten signatories include some of the largest funding bodies for museums, such as Arts Council England (ACE), the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Art Fund, as well as membership bodies and museum organisations from across the UK, including the Association of Independent Museums. The group states that the UK’s cultural heritage and reputation will be put at risk if museum governing bodies decide to sell items from…

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